Best 4×8 CNC Router 2020

CNC router stands for Computer Numerical Controlled router, a computer-controlled device that allows you to execute several functions, including cutting materials like glass, hardwood, etc.

In simpler words, the 4×8 CNC router is fed numbers and coordinates that turn into instructions and lets the system execute them. This machine is designed with CAD, which is ‘Computer-Aided Design.’ Since CNC is usually very expensive, they have come up with a similar CNC clone, called 4×8 CNC router. This device perfectly fits into the criterion of the CNC and helps the interested users buy a CNC with all the valid facilities they need.

Advancement in technology has led to numerous inventions, and some of the products have proven to be spurious. Hence, the list below will help you choose the best products in the market and provide readers with a buyers guide, which will prove beneficial during their purchase. 


The following are the products available in the market: 



  • Bob’ CNC E4 CNC Router (Editor’s Choice)


 This is one of the best selling products in the market, and is just as capable as a three-axis 4×8 CNC router. With the help of this router, one can get almost twice the cutting area than usual.

This 4×8 CNC router is available to users at a very affordable price range, and surprisingly, it            has many factors to offer despite its reasonable pricing. There was a cutting area with version E3, but the company made it better by making it available with version E4. It gives out square-shaped results, along with results of sizes 4 x 8 inches. 


This 4×8 CNC router is very easy to assemble and is feasible to use as well. The manual of this machine is explicit enough for any woodworker to understand and use. The customer service provided by the company is responsive and is always at your beck and call.


The built and design of this machine is commendable and leaves no room for disappointment. 4×8 CNC router is a sturdy laser cut frame that works with precision and has longevity. It is built with a premium quality belt and based on a fantastic railing system. It comes along with an Arduino based microprocessor. 



  • It is sturdy and gives precise results 
  • It is of premium quality and available at an affordable range 
  • It is easy to assemble 



  • The microphone can sometimes lag 
  • The Z screwdriver can be problematic 


To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Axiom precision 4×8 AR8pro+ (Evergreen): 


This 4×8 CNC router has a fourth access capability. Along with this product, there is a high-power spindle and rotating machine. This rotating 4×8 CNC router is also purposeful as an industrial machine. It has an impressive 6 inch Z travel capacity. The Z-axis of this machine is striking due to its high functionality.


This 4×8 CNC router is very popular because of the spindle axis in the form of 3HP. It is potent and does not make any noise while it is working. The machine is accompanied by an integrated liquid that serves as a cooling purpose for the system. The device also comes with a wire, which can easily be added as a use for a rotatory kit. This 4×8 CNC router is quite precise since there are ball screws. Even a colorful guide for users to understand how to build it. It is made of a robust steel frame.


One can easily choose from three different footprint options. Even if the person building this machine isn’t familiar with its know-how, it is easy to assemble. One doesn’t need to place a computer to operate this 4×8 CNC router. It can run by transferring the files from a USB device. This lightweight handheld device is quite powerful and easy to operate. The customer service of this machine is not as prompt, and hence, the users can face some difficulties despite using the guide. 



  • It is quite lightweight and powerful 
  • The machine makes no sound during operation 
  • It has a strong Z axis and has excellent connectivity



  • It is a bit pricey 
  • The process for assembling can be a bit taxing for the user
  • The customer service is poor 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Maslow CNC Router Kit (Most Affordable)


This 4’x8′ CNC Router Kit is available in the market at a very economical price. It is quite popular amongst buyers because of its DIY kit and attracts the attention of many DIY enthusiasts. In its 4×8 CNC router package, it comes with a USB flash drive containing about 10 sample projects.

With these sample projects, one can quickly get to work. This product comes with an array of features and would not burn a hole in your pocket. This product is the best for someone fledgling with woodworking.


One can build virtually anything with the help of this machine. This 4×8 CNC router is quite easy to assemble with the instructions given in the software. The drivers are quite easy to set up as well.


One would sometimes say setting up a small and a basic printer could be harder than setting up this whole product. Since it is a vertical 4×8 CNC router, any user would say that this product can build some exciting projects.


This open software is compatible with all operating systems. The Z-axis functions in the product eliminate the manual adjustments. Due to the presence of the chain driver system, it is easy to scale up and down. It works on all types of plywood, hardwood, hard plastic, and MDF. 



  • It is easy to scale up and to assemble 
  • It has an amazing built and design 
  • It is compatible with several other products and very affordable as well 



  • It is not lightweight 
  • It does not have responsive customer service 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • STYLE CNC STM1325 4’x8′


This is a very clean wood CNC machine 4’x8′ industry. It is known for its quality and great customer service. It is famous for its high-level industrial projects. Several people have also used tools of this company to execute projects for their leisure.


This product comes equipped with professional software used for the programming part of the machine. There is a piece of equipment and software available for programming the tool path. Since it is compatible with the software Vcarve Pro, this can be used as well. 


One of the best and the most common reviews of this machine is that it can work effortlessly with hardwood or aluminum. It’s one of the most popular 4’x8′ CNC router kits available in the market and can do different kinds of operations on wood. It can accommodate any table ranging from a vacuum table to a kitchen cabinet. It has a diameter of 300 mm along with a 4th rotary axis. It is a compelling machine. 


It has a water cooling spindle as well. Even though the 4×8 CNC router has excellent customer reviews, it doesn’t offer good customer service. Products with such dynamic qualities need to build a good connection with their customers. It is sometimes challenging to assemble the product if the buyer is not appropriately guided without a supporting manual.



  • It is lightweight and powerful 
  • It can be used on various products due to its effortless and high functionality characteristic 
  • It is a professional tool 


  • It is expensive 
  • It does not have good customer service rapport 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • BuildYourCNC


This 4×8 CNC router is a complete hardware kit with an MDS kid, electronic components such as motors, drivers, a breakout board, and a power supply. It has a parallel interface board that requires a cable. It includes a USB cable as well. 


There is also a spindle with this machine, which is a much better alternative than a traditional router. It can control the speed and is proven to be a much more effective tool than any others. It can reduce noise and a lot of dust as well. 


This would be a great purchase and is easy to assemble. It is quite a potent product and makes no noise. The product has not laid out much information on its customer service rapport. Getting help from the customer service could be difficult if there is no guide on how to reach them for help. The build and design of this machine could have been attractive, but it isn’t compelling. It proves that they aren’t very durable and reliable.



  • It is lightweight and affordable 
  • It makes no noise 
  • There is a spindle which is a great alternative 


  • The axes in this product aren’t powerful 
  • There is not much information on the customer service 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:

Buyers Guide: 

  1. Capacity: This plays a huge role since everything majorly depends on the size of the project. One would require a more significant product if the project is big. 
  2. Duty cycle: Purchasing the 4×8 CNC router will depend on the usage of the machine as for hobby or any commercial purposes 
  3. Power: Depending on the kind of project, the power of the machine is to be seen. The spindle and the axis play a considerable role. If the project needs a higher power, then the axis and spindle need to function at a higher rate. 
  4. Durability: This is an essential factor since not all machines promise to function for a long time. They seem to wear out quite quickly. Hence, one should choose the device according to its durability and usage. 
  5. Value: This plays a vital role since one should buy a machine that is worth its price. They should not make investments that will not have a promising future. Investing here plays a significant role. It should be ensured that the accessories and the extra parts are available to the users at the right price. They should come equipped with software and design. 



This article hopes to help the readers who are in search of the perfect 4×8 CNC router, which will help the buyers choose the perfect one to make their purchase much more economical and beneficial. There are several unfavorable products available in the market these days. Hence, it is crucial to let the customers know about the market and the available products so they can choose carefully. 



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