Best CNC Woodworking Machines 2020

Woodworking takes a lot of creativity, precision, and skills. To do so, you require proper tools. CNC woodworking machines should be your ideal choice to help you. They are sturdy and serve many purposes. 


Though they can perform various kinds of jobs from low to medium and have an excellent product because of its high repeatability, this CNC woodworking machine is more equipped. It has some restrictions in its design because of nature, which makes it subtractive of the technology.


The Computer Numerical Control, which is commonly known as a CNC, is a method that works for these automated projects. These automating projects are three-dimensional cutting and milling processes. The best CNC woodworking machine, which will be described in this article, will give a very excellent and factory finishing where an individual can even purchase and keep them at their home shop. 


The best CNC woodworking machine will let one individual work with materials such as wood, plastic, foam, and several other stuff, which will give magnificent carvings, decorations, moldings, and furniture. 


These are usually quite expensive, but we will list the best CNC woodworking machines currently available in the market.


For a DIY artisan, it is easy to find a CNC woodworking machine. It will offer high precision and good speed while being economical. 


Following are the names of the machines which are available at the market: 


  • BobsCNC E3 CNC Router Engraver Kit (Editor’s Choice): 


This is an excellent choice in the market of CNC woodworking machines. With a great laser cut frame, it offers high precision, with a 610 mm x 610 mm cutting area. 

A home built kit will be beneficial to someone new to this process. It runs on our SG20U support rail system. It has a motion-controlled software named GRBL and is the best in the market for a CNC machine.


It requires a connection to an operating system. It has a software named GRBL, which is motion-controlled; it is the best in the market for a CNC machine. It requires to be connected. It has good connectivity.


Despite its economical price, the machine is of supreme quality and functions well.

It is made of environmentally friendly wood, making it convenient to work with. The product is easy to assemble and operate. There is an instruction manual that has listed the methods of its construction. 



  • It is of excellent quality.
  • The product is consistent. 
  • The movements of the X and Y axis is quite smooth.



  • The movements of the Z-axis aren’t great. 
  • The nuts can get locked very easily. 

To purchase this material, click on the link mentioned below:



  • CNC Piranha XL(Most Affordable): 


This is a great miniature model with numerous alignments and features like a touch screen controller with a Y-axis, which is excellent in functioning. It has no software. The Y-axis helps build this whole machine into one full-sized wood router.


It is a very affordable product and has multiple features available. It can be used at home due to its easy assembly.


The touch screen is in a colour format and is easy to use. The software is not versatile but has a comparatively better user interface. However, it comes fully assembled with all the required accessories.



  • It is a robust machine and is well built 
  • It is easy I use 
  • It can offer additional thickness 



  • It is not compatible with Mac 
  • The USB flash drive connectivity is not applicable 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Axiom Precision AR8 Pro+ (Evergreen) :


This CNC woodworking machine is the best four-axis machine. It offers several features at a reasonable price needed in industrial environments.


All of this is possible due to its fourth access capability. Being a robust machine, it has received several great reviews and is capable of making deep, precise cuts. It also has an accurate rotary axis.


This machine has a powerful electrical spindle that does all the work. The builder can also control the speed. The spindle comes along with a liquid filling machine, which will be helpful if it’s heated up. 


It is quite compact and has excellent connectivity. This CNC woodworking machine can easily connect to any computer device and doesn’t make noise during its functioning.


The aluminum table is interlocking, is sturdy and has an incredible build. The steel frame is robust and welded. Unlike other machines, It vibrates less. It is an accurate machine. 



  • It is well designed. 
  • It is perfect for industrial purposes.
  • It has great accuracy. 



  • The software is not dispatched with this product. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Mcwdoit CNC 3018 Pro Router:


It is one of the best selling CNC woodworking machines in the market. Offered at a reasonable price, it is perfect for desktop use. It is compact and doesn’t take up much space. 


It can be used offline, which is its most unique feature. An individual can connect to the necessary files through a USB. The capacity for offline transfer is 1 GB. However, this machine is not for industrial purposes. 


It can finish your work with high precision and success. There will be some wear and tear in the CNC woodworking machines as it markets the strongest and the most available in the market. 

This is delivered with a descriptive physical manual, with links provided to direct the individual to see online videos on how to construct it. It is an excellent purchase for individuals who are just beginners and are learning to build. 



  • It is an ideal machine for beginners.
  • It is easy to assemble and set up. 
  • Software and manual can be downloaded online.



  • It is not suitable for industrial purposes. 
  • It is not a reliable machine. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • JFT 3040 3 axes 1.5Kw CNC Router:


This CNC woodworking machine is very creative and dynamic in its functioning. It is a well-designed router that can run for long durations. This router is best for carving materials like wood, steel, copper, aluminium alloy, and iron. 


One can also use milk or drill for functioning with this CNC woodworking machine. It is convenient to work with and makes assembling easier. The ball screw of this CNC wood router is of high quality, and the nut of the screws doesn’t corrode easily. It is a three-axis router that allows the router to function at high speed. 


It has a water-cooled spindle, which will ensure low noise and high precision. One can even control the speed. The motor of this CNC wood router is of supreme quality. The manual to this CNC woodworking machine will come with the packaging, making the whole process easier. The manual will have a step by step guide with diagrams and pictures. There will also be a video for the beginners on building the machine.



  • It is of excellent quality. 
  • It is quite easy to operate.
  • It is creative and versatile.



  • The machine is a bit expensive. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



This article is written to help readers search for the best CNC woodworking machines. There are several products available in the market at great prices. These offer multiple benefits, such as cabinet components, sign making, woodworking, and instrument production. One should check the criteria’s that are necessary to choose the best machines, which are as follows:


  1. Capabilities of the CNC woodworking machine and types of task that it is required to follow:
  2. Compatibility with software 
  3. Table dimensions 
  4. Drive system 
  5. Motor System 
  6. Dust collection system 
  7. Vacuum pressure 
  8. Price of the product and budget of the buyer


If the criteria above are met, it will make your purchase much more successful and economical. Links to each of the products have been given below the description. The readers are requested to purchase them before it goes out of stock. These have been chosen carefully after thorough research. They are quite reliable products and promise to be of great functionality to the buyers. 



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