Best Router Table Insert Plate (Updated List)

If you are a woodworker or someone who enjoys woodworking, then you would know the excitement of adding new products and designs into your regime. It is an exciting job that requires a lot of creativity when coupled with terrific equipment. 


However, there is also a particular risk working with wood because you are either cutting it or digging a hole in it, making it into different shapes and sizes. There’s always a physical risk that needs to be taken care of. In this, the equipment that you use plays a huge role because you need to make sure the equipment you are using keeps you safe and focuses on your safety no matter how you work. 


So when you are buying a router to work on the wood, you should always make sure that the router is of premium quality and ensures your safety. You also need to ascertain that the router plate, which is sometimes also called a mounting plate, is of good quality.


Now, what is the central role of this router table insert plate? Why do we even use it in the first place? If you are also pondering the same and want to know which is the best fit for you, this guide is for you.


A router table insert plate is used to ascertain the equipment’s stability and get a better hold over it to control it with more ease while maintaining the security of your ongoing project. 

Like every product out there, the router table insert plate also comes with a diverse range of options. 


Not only have we studied each one of the router table insert plates, but we have also discussed its different types and the various factors that you might need to consider before buying it. 

Best router table insert plate


1. Rousseau 3509 Router Base Plate (Editor’s choice)

The Rousseau 3509 router table insert plate is quite a versatile router plate in itself. If you want, it can efficiently work with heavy equipment. It can also act as a freehand tool. The insert ring in the router base plate is removable and can hold various bits and pieces of different sizes.

Working with a different diameter comes with a set of different sized rings so you can choose whatever fits your need. With strings, you can make an opening of 4 inches that will be quite a perfect fit for your base plate. However, it also comes with three other opening sizes, which are basically – 3-7/8 inches, 2-5/8 inches, and 1-1/4 inches.



– Three different sizes of rings can be inserted.

– For freehand routing, you get a shoulder pin.

– It can very easily handle heavy routers. 

– It comes with a limited lifetime warranty.



– The top is a bit slippery, so it is vital to take precautions. Otherwise, you may get injured.

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2. KREG Molded Router Table (Evergreen)

If you are working with routers with massive torque, you will need a stable and robust insert plate to gain control over it. That is where the KREG Molded Router Table comes into the picture. This router table insert plate has a flat and robust mounting surface, making it a great choice.


It’s 3/8 inch thick, which makes it quite a phenolic router table insert plate, which resultantly acts as an excellent surface for any router with which you might be working. The cuts coupled with the holes are quite sharp and smooth, making it a great combination.



– No need to sell this phenolic router table insert plate.

– It comes with great three-level lock rings.

– Even if your router is large or heavy, it would still be suitable to work with this insert plate.

– You can get it pre-drilled or get it undrilled as per your needs.

– If your router has substantial torque, then it will be an excellent option for you.



– The plate levelers that you might need would have to be bought separately

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3. MLCS 9334 Router Plate (Most Affordable)

For a sag-free experience, the MLCS 9334 router table insert plate is the right choice for you. This router plate is appropriate for almost any router out there. 

It has three locking rings and comes with a steel starter pin. It also has some magnets, screws which make the assembly much easier.



– It has openings of various different sizes.

– Quite a sturdy aluminum plate.

– It can work with heavy routers.

– It comes with three different rings so you can have various sizes of openings.

– The screws and magnets ensure easy assembly.



– It only has pre holes.

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4. Woodpeckers AITRITON Router Plate

This router table insert plate is made of cast aluminum and suggests a sturdy and robust router plate. It is pre-drilled and has a heavy torque. 

It comes with three different locking rings and fits exceptionally well with all the routers available in the market, which proves to be its most significant merit.



– It comes with an anodized coating, with the body made of cast aluminum.

– There are many additional accessories included with the router.

– There are no opening slops in it.

– It comes with three locking rings.



– Quite an expensive choice.

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5. MLCS 9338 Router Plate Kit

Now, this router table insert plate is the package you need, which can work with every router in the market. Great, isn’t it? It’s 3/8 thick and is just the right size, proving to be a durable and robust option.


There are two removable rings on it and also offers three different openings, which will work with every router there is.

It is pre-drilled, so you can easily carve wood pieces with this router plate.



– It’s made scratch-free.

– These screws and magnets are adjustable.

– It has concentric rings that enable easy installation.



– The magnets introduced in this one might not prove useful for many. 

– It takes a great deal of effort to set this up.

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Well, these were five of the best router table insert plates that you can get your hands on. We created this detailed review taking cognizance of the paramount areas to look for in a router plate. All of them are competent, making it safe to buy any of them.


Your safety, comfort, and convenience of work is kept in mind and is the main priority, and that’s why it’s undoubtedly a good idea to invest in these products. Moreover, they come with amazing features and additional equipment to work with, which makes the work easy for beginners. 

We hope that you find this review helpful. But if you still have some questions, then you can always drop them down in the comment section below and also given below are some frequently asked questions that might be popping in your heads, so give them a read.

Frequently asked questions.

  1. How to decide on which router table insert plate is best for me? 
  2. There is not one but many different factors that you need to consider before you are setting out to buy a router plate. You need to make sure that this plate satisfies all your needs. You need to make sure that it keeps your work table stable. You need to make sure that it is sturdy and durable and concurrently takes care of your safety. 
  3. Are all router plates quite expensive? 
  4. Of course not. The router table insert plate is not that expensive. However, there are some of the models that are a bit over the top and can cost you a fortune, but then again, there are many other options that are low cost and efficient, so you can always go for them. Some of them are mentioned in this review. Do check them out.


We know that it can be quite a task to buy a router and then a suitable router plate for it. Just to make it a bit simpler for you, we made this guide for you. 

It has five of the best router table insert plates available out there in the market with positive reviews. We hope that It helped you make the right purchase. Happy buying!


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