CNC 3018 PRO Review (Indepth)

These days, it is quite common to see hobby machines operated through The Computer Numerical Control. These machines subtractive manufacturing, which is quite similar to drilling. It has the unique ability to cut horizontally and vertically. 


An individual knows that these machines can cut through various axes, so they have a unique feature of making different shapes. One of the striking features as to why these machines are prevalent is that it can make a variety of different cutting styles through excellent precision made out of solid material.


It can cut through softwood or aluminum, depending on the machine’s nature. Some of these machines have 3D printing, which allows it to be easily engraved. It’s quite expensive as one would also require some other additional pieces with this machine or router so it can function optimally. 


This article will give a brief review of this machine and router for individuals who are considering this product but are unsure about purchasing it. The guide will help in clearing the air.


Introduction to CNC 3018 PRO: 

If you enjoy woodworking, you would know the excitement of adding new products and designs into your regime. When coupled with fantastic equipment, it adds horsepower to your creativity.

The CNC 3018 is a Chinese kit produced under an array of names but serves the same function. These are engraving machines which can be used in a laser mode. These machines are known in the market as they can cut materials from wax to wood with proper precision and accurate measurement of depth. 


These machines work at a tremendous mechanical level with accuracy. They are not designed for conventional machine operations but are great for woodworking or any general craftwork that would benefit a novice.


Features of the machine: 

Even though the Pro version of this machine is much better, it requires less assembly than the previous model. This machine is quite straightforward in its function and doesn’t require a lot of additional purchases, so there is no interference with the machine’s working. Some work is requisite for the machine to function well. This would include the appropriate software and inspection of the machine if additional parts are attached. 

The CNC 3018 comes with the following parts: 

  • Spindle motor 
  • End mills and collets 
  • Control board with a power supply 
  • Stepper motors 
  • Clamps 


All the components in this machine are well designed and play a significant role in this machine’s function. It optimizes the working of the router. An individual can upgrade its components to enhance it. It is safe to work with and comes with an emergency shut button. 


Role of each of the components: 

  1. Spindle Motor: This component is very crucial as it allows the machine to drive at a particular speed and power. The CNC 3018 pro uses a 775 spindle motor with an ER-11 style chuck. This machine is recommended to engrave brass and aluminum since engravement on anything hard can lead to damage. 


  1. End millets and collet: End millets are used to cut. Ball, bullnose, and square are the three types of millets that help in the process. One should check the type of material, flutes, and the coating process. Collets are attached to the spindle. The CNC 3018 pro uses ER collets, making the process much easier and more precise. It uses the program GRBL. 


  1. Control Board: This is the brain of the machine. This product has a terrific control board.


  1. Power Supply: The machine has about 775 spindles, which produces enough power. But if the machine requires more, they would have to upgrade to a new motor. 


  1. Coolant: CNC 3018 pro, unlike its other products, comes with a coolant that helps the machine in the Collins purpose if it gets heated up. 


  1. Accessories: The product comes along with a few extra drills, an SS card reader, and an ER 11 collet with an extension rod that makes it unique. 



CNC 3018 pro is quite an excellent machine given its price in the market. It has top-notch features and high functionality, making it the best. For optimization, one must know engraving and milling.


They must have adequate knowledge of mills, speed, spindles, and parts of the machine, so their purchase is economical. This purchase will be the best for a person who wishes to get started with manufacturing. It is an excellent tool for new projects. 


CNC 3018 pro doesn’t require many parts as they need some preliminary to function themselves. The major work in this machine is assembling. The buyer should be adept with the craft so they can prevent hiccups.


The CNC 3018 has a sturdy build and can function with wood, plastic, soft aluminum, brass, and PCBs, depending on the upgrade and the strength of the spindles.


What are the negative factors? 

The machine keeps vibrating, which is quite common for machines under this category. It vibrates when plywood is engraved with a small tool. 


The CNC 3018 is an efficient and powerful machine. It has a robust software program named GRBL. After setting up and assembling the products, it does wonders. It is an excellent machine for beginners, given they are aware of the limitations and wish to learn basic engraving. It is quite easy to use and fun as well. It is quite economical and educational, which are its major selling points. 


The construction of this machine is simple and straightforward. It is easy to repair the parts as well. Hopefully, this article helps readers purchase the right machine.

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