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Having a proper tool for precise and beautiful results is essential for people who are new to the woodworking industry and wish to pursue this profession or develop it as a hobby. To continue this field, one would require a compact desktop CNC machine that allows the individual to be good at cutting, drilling, and mining. 


A desktop CNC machine is not as accurate, but it will shape, train, and adapt the person to help in the more significant operations that are done quickly with a large CNC milling machine.

This article will help individuals in search of these machines. It will list down 5 of the most successful desktop CNC machines that have received popular reviews in the market and are safe to use. These products have been carefully chosen to guide their users.


There are several tools available in the market that promise to be beneficial for the worker but end up being disappointing. The products listed below will make their entire purchase much more economical and helpful. 


The following are the best desktop CNC 2020 available in the market: 


  1. Genmitsu CNC (Editor’s Choice): 

It is one of the best desktop CNC machines which is available in the market. It has proven to be an excellent investment for individuals who are beginners. It is available at a very affordable rate and offers a decent quality of cutting and drilling. It will be beneficial for beginners in a way since they will learn to train their new skills. 


Since it is affordable at a reasonable price, the desktop CNC machine will be beneficial for beginners since they wouldn’t have to invest in a professional machine. It works with various open-source software sources, which will enable them to find new and improved ideas on how to deal with the software. 


The functioning of this desktop CNC machine is with GRBL, making this product quite compatible with other kinds of software tools. This tool is used offline too. This model can be used with a laser. This product doesn’t come with a proper manual for the users to understand, and neither does it have an excellent customer support service. 



  • It can cut through soft and hard materials.
  • It is a high-quality product working with great software. 
  • It can be used offline and works swiftly. 



  • Since it is a beginner model, it comes with limitations 
  • The instruction manual is not easy to under 
  • The model does not come with a laser 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • MCW CNC (Most Affordable): 


This is one of the best selling desktop CNC routers in the market. It is fitted with great qualities and comes at a reasonable price. The size of the router is quite average. The product is perfect when used with a desktop. 


A desktop CNC machine is quite compact; hence, it won’t take up much of it. The router can be used offline after saving the files. But only when all the files are saved in a USB and connected to an offline connection. But one has to be aware of the offline tool’s storage, which is only 1 GB. 


This space is enough for most of the projects which the model can afford for itself. But this sometimes can be a limitation to inexperienced users. This desktop CNC machine is not suitable for any industrial purposes, but it is known to be quite powerful. The desktop CNC machine is not very durable. One can expect it to have wear and tear within some time. 


There is not much information about the instruction manual or customer service. Getting help from the customer service can be quite tasking. Without the manual, it can be tough to build it. 



  • It is the best product for beginners. 
  • It is easy to assemble. 
  • The required software and manual can be downloaded online. 



  • It will not be beneficial for industrial or large projects.
  • It is not robust and durable. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • MySweety CNC 3018 (Evergreen): 


This desktop CNC router is perfect for usage by novice users. This model provides and promises to give results that are of high-quality. It is quite a cheap model, so one wouldn’t have to worry much about damage. It is quite reliable with extremely high quality and is at such an affordable range. 


Just like the other kinds of models, this desktop CNC machine relies on GRLB. The model has a range of open-source software programs, which makes it compatible, benefitting the users. However, it is not compatible with Apple devices. It mostly works great with Windows services. 

It was seen that the desktop CNC machine works offline and functions with Apple devices. This router tasks at an ample working space and makes people’s working much easier, be it at a small or large size. The desktop CNC machine has some protective barriers on the sides of the product, ensuring that it is safe when the device is in use.


The manual is not provided with the kit, and the customer service of the product is generally online. 



  • It can be used offline 
  • It is compatible with laser even though it doesn’t come with the order 
  • It is relatively cheaper 



  • It cannot be used on hard materials like metals 
  • It is not compatible with Mac devices 
  • This product does not come with software

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Bob CNC E4:


This is a great router that can handle large products very easily. It is quite flexible and can extend or limit the budget. This desktop CNC machine has a cutting area of dimensions 610×610 mm and has a depth of 85 mm. This product can accommodate large desktops even if it is made out of different kinds of woodwork. 


The working of this desktop CNC machine is quite a difficult and unique one. It takes some specific amount of time to assemble the product and will require a lot of patience and skill by the individual. It genuinely isn’t a type of product that will be beneficial or easy for beginners to use. This product has a great build and design, and the frame has been of the laser cut. 


This design has been used in a way so that the desktop CNC machine can withstand frequent use without being damaged. It is quite an expensive model, compared to its other competitors. This model will surely be beneficial for professionals since it is an everlasting model. It has proven to be a great investment. One of the other negative factors of this model is that it is not capable of cutting metals, but it works beautifully with soft materials. 


This desktop CNC machine comes with a set of instruction manuals that makes it easy to build. It also has commendable customer service.



  • It requires a large surface area for working. 
  • It gives our very high-quality results. 
  • It has a great design.



  • It is quite expensive. 
  • It isn’t very portable. 
  • It can’t cut or engrave metals. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:



  • Piranha Fx:


It is a perfect desktop CNC milling machine if someone wishes to use a portable router. It is an ideal purchase for desktops. This can be used offline, but the individual would require downloading the appropriate files and saving them on USB. They can later plug it in with a tool that will be offline. This would be an excellent tool for people wishing to learn about the ropes on a desktop CNC router.


It is not an expensive option, so one wouldn’t have to worry about damage to costly models. This router gives a very accurate rate. It has an instruction manual attached, making it easy for the people to set it up. The customer service of this product is commendable as well.



  • It is a very cheap model 
  • It is an ideal purchase for beginners. 
  • It comes along with the necessary software. 



  • It is not of premium quality. 
  • It is only beneficial for small working projects. 

To purchase this product, click on the link mentioned below:


Buyers Guide: 

  1. Size: The router for desktops comes in various sizes. Not all sizes are suitable for the CNC desktop. Hence, one should always check what router is ideal for the desktop and accordingly make their purchase. A smaller router will still bring good results and will take up less space as well. 


  1. Price: This is a critical aspect to consider as one should only purchase the best quality router. The buyer should make their investment economical and worthwhile. 


  1. Durability: One should check that their desktop CNC machine is durable and can withstand difficulties. It should have a sturdy build and should be worth the investment.


  1. Versatility: It is essential to check that the router is dynamic and fulfills your needs. The individual would require to purchase a more robust machine that would better suit their needs. If the individual wishes to dabble, buying a strong desktop CNC machine would benefit them the most. 



This article hopes to help the readers buy the right desktop CNC machines. A buyer’s guide should help them make a better and more economical purchase. These readers should know how to shop carefully, so they do not incur a loss. There are many products available in the market that promise false hopes, so refer to the products mentioned above. These products were chosen after thorough research and reviews. The links to each of the products are given below. Happy buying!



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