Maslow CNC Routers Kit Review Read this Before Buying

Carving out wood, plastics, etc. is a tough but exciting job. One requires proper training and the right equipment for it. This is only applicable for beginners looking for products that work with high precision and detail.


It allows the users to cut the wooden materials with accurate measurements and is known to be a handy and reliable machine. Maslow CNC router is a top-rated product in the field for wood engraving milling machines. Setting up and assembling the product is easy since the whole package of the product is sent with explicit manual instructions.


Its software is outstanding and well built. The depth of the machine is adjustable as per the demand of the user who is making it. The machine comes along with its very special Z-axis, which makes the whole function better. Maslow’s CNC router has proven to be quite insightful to both people who use it as a hobby and those who require it for professional work.

This machine’s great function can help build solid objects such as a treehouse, furniture, fixtures, kayaks, and several other things. The designs of this machine can be digitally shared with other builders. 


It is easier for people to make intricate designs. Machines of this product are very durable, and it is quite natural to use traditional routers. One can easily carve any objects from materials like hardwood, hard plastics, plywood, MDF laminate, and several other tools. It is a well-designed model that rakes in high demand. The assembly and further instructions in this guide explained diagrammatically and pictorially. 


This article will review the Maslow CNC router for people interested in buying this product or looking for similar variants.


Reviews of Maslow CNC Router : 

Maslow CNC router is a top-rated tool, especially for furniture builders and people who are interested in woodwork or constructing cabinets. This tool can cut a surface with measurements of 4×8. It is proven to be quite versatile.


The depth of the Maslow CNC router is adjustable as per the demands of the individual. As per its reviews by previous buyers and the company itself, it would be suitable for large CNC tables. The Z-axis would eliminate the requirement for adjustment of the cutting of the depth of the table. 


This machine is time-saving and convenient to use. Its efficient functionality gets the attention of many buyers and has proven to be one of the best products produced by the company. It is tremendously beneficial for those who woodwork independently. 


One of the more desirable features of this Maslow CNC router is its Open Source Software. This software has terrific control over the machine. It is quite durable and has an attractive design. There is an attached community garden for this device, in case of any difficulty. Sometimes difficulties can be faced during the working of the operating system or putting in the codes.


But everything will be solved with the help of a Community Garden. This customer service will be very prompt in helping the buyers with their queries. One of the drawbacks faced with the Maslow CNC router is speed, found in many routers. The rate of feed can vary between 20 to 35 inches. 

It makes appropriate shallow cuts, an ideal option for the buyers since it is compact and takes little space. It is quite compatible and desirable, especially for those who wish to pursue woodworking as their hobby. 



  • It is quite a compact and capable machine 
  • It is operated under an Open Source Software called Ground Control, which will make the product accessible and give adequate knowledge on CNC programming to beginners.
  • This product comes along with a chain drive system, featuring a belt system 
  • The performance is the thriving part of this machine.
  • This is quite an affordable machine, unlike its other competitors. 



  • The feed rate for the machine is slow 
  • The cuts of the machine are shallow, and it takes around four passes to cut ¾ of the plywood 

Why this product is better than its competitors: 

It is often compared with its fellow competitorsBobsCNC, Taishi and Shapeoko.

The features that will be compared are: 


  1. Sturdiness: BobsCNC is known to be one of the most durable machines. Its laser-cut is quite popular amongst the workers. It is smooth in its working, be it hardwood or softwood. The TaisiCNC machine is sturdy and carries out several high impact performances. Shapeoko CNC is built with aluminium extrusion. It is lightweight, but not quite sturdy. The Maslow CNC router is built of wooden frames. This product, after BobsCNC, is regarded as the best. 


  1. Price: Maslow CNC router is the cheapest compared to its competitors. It has immense functionality for its price. The Shapeoko is the most expensive but isn’t suggested as it has several negative factors. 


  1. User- Friendly: From all the competitors of the product, the Maslow machines are the most user-friendly and easy to set up. The software of this machine is durable and is lucid to navigate. For Tashi Machines, it is viable, but the feed rates aren’t great. BobsCNC is user friendly and has great motor control as well. 


Should one purchase this machine?

Definitely, yes. The pros and cons have been aforementioned explicitly. It is a great investment for professionals and beginners. Maslow CNC router will not fail to disappoint any of its buyers. They have a bundle of features, which makes it a great product. One can just overlook speed, which is a similar issue for all the machines. But apart from that, it is a commendable machine. The manual is quite informative and is described precisely. 



This article hopes to clear the mindset of people who were willing to purchase Maslow CNC router. This will be worth the purchase. Happy buying!


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